CD Márcio Falchet Press Release- 2001

Márcio Falchet (independent)

Listening to the works of this 22-year-old young musician gives us the pleasant sensation of knowing that the new generation of guitar players has its own great exponents.
This is the case of Márcio Falchet, guitar player and song writer, which in truth is no big news, once he has been around for a while, getting known and captivating audiences.
The title of his CD´s first track says it all: “Here I Am”. It features a beautiful classical acoustic guitar introduction followed by the ferocity of good old heavy-metal electric guitar sounds.
Márcio´s technique and speed are really impressive, even to those who have “heard it all”. From the fast movements of “Mystery”, “Universal Symphony” and “Megaportal” to the slower cadences of “Beautiful Eyes”, his virtuosity blossoms with strong inspiration.
With a fine work in choosing the timbers of his custom made Fender Stratocaster electric guitar, he gives a special touch to every single song in the CD. The emotion he puts on the execution of “Father” makes us feel his guitar can almost speak.
“Light For Everything” is the only song with lyrics, vocals performed with precision and expressiveness by Ronaldo Simolla.
Talking about energy, that´s what you get listening to “Interplanetary Sky”, “Enigmatic Star” and “Shine Of Light”.
“Sorcery” and “Return Of The Time Machine” creatively combine the style of erudite guitar with the tones of electric guitar distortion.
All songs in the CD are composed, arranged and produced by Márcio Falchet. The musicians that accompany him in this work are pretty experienced and have done an excellent job: Jotinha (Bass), Maurício Leite (Drums) and Allex Bessa (Keyboards).
Márcio Falchet reveals musical maturity in his work, combined with virtuosity, lightness, harmony, precision, rhythm … and mostly love.

Great Job !!! Congratulations.

Ricardo Fonseca (Magal)
Note: Ricardo Fonseca has been a guitar player and teacher for 22 years. He is a 1988 graduate from G.I.T. in Los Angeles, USA.
Note: Márcio Falchet's pronunciation is Márcio Falchê.

Márcio Falchet
Promotional tracks:

Track nº 2 ( Mystery )> “Instrumental”
Track nº 7 ( Light for Everything )> “Singing”