1st unit: District: Morumbi, City: Săo Paulo/SP, Brazil.

Guitar lessons with Márcio Falchet (Márcio Falchet method).

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*News: District: Moema too: Av. Moema (Săo Paulo/SP, Brazil).




April: 04/11/2011
• Márcio Falchet, new video online; (Youtube/Márcio Falchet TV): 


February: 02/23/2010
• Marcio’s new songs posted : "The Real Love" and "Everyday For You". (Samples without mastering yet..).

June: 06/02/2009
• Marcio’s new song posted : "I Can Touch Your Heart" without mastering yet.

July: 07/29/2008
• Marcio's Official Myspace online:

April: 04/26/2008
• Today is Márcio Falchet's birthday.
Happy birthday Marcio!!!!!!!!


April: 04/23/2008 (Wednesday)
• Göran Edman, one of the best rock singers of all times, has just finished recording the voices on the 2nd solo CD of guitar-player Márcio Falchet.

Göran Edman - Promotional photo

• More information about the new album:
Márcio´s new CD will have 14 (fourteen) tracks: 2 (two) instrumental songs and 12 (twelve) with vocals.
All music composed by Márcio Falchet. 
Lyrics composed by Márcio Falchet, and some with: Pedro Falchet, Michel Marcio, and Fernando Winarski.

Produced by Márcio Falchet
& all arrangements by Márcio Falchet.                   

The band is:
Márcio Falchet: Guitars
Göran Edman: Vocals
Allex Bessa: Keyboards
Jotinha: Bass
Edú Garcia: Drums

Márcio’s new album will be called “In Your Life”.


September: 09/19/2007
• Márcio Falchet is in final phase of the recordings of his second solo CD, and also, at this moment, he is making some presentations in Sao Paulo/SP city.

Márcio Falchet - Photo taken by Jô Sciotti

Márcio Falchet - Photo taken by Jô Sciotti

• Márcio Falchet is recording the CD.

Márcio Falchet - Photo taken by Pedro Falchet

• Márcio has already selected all the musicians who will participate in the second CD's recording.
Soon we will publish the names of the musicians.

• Márcio Falchet was invited to make a special participation for an internacional musician.
This CD is from a winner guitar-player and singer.
Soon we will release more informations.

• Today is Márcio Falchet's birthday.
Congratulations Márcio, we wish all the best and more success in your carrier!!!!!!!!

• Márcio Falchet's musics have been selected for his new 2şCD solo.

• Márcio Falchet is making the musical production of his own on his 2ş CD solo.