Solo Albums:


All music composed, produced and arranged by Márcio Falchet
Recorded at São Paulo/SP, Brazil (1999-2001)

Márcio Falchet: All electric and acoustic guitars
Jotinha: Bass
Maurício Leite: Drums
Allex Bessa: Keyboards
Ronaldo Simolla: Vocals

1-Here I am
3-Universal Symphony
4-Beautiful eyes
6-Interplanetary Sky
7-Light for everything *
9-Enigmatic Star
10-Shine of light
12-Return of the Time Machine

Deus abençoe

God Bless


Other Projects:

USA Project: “Open the Door” with Marcio Falchet


“Open the Door” (Music and Lyrics by Mark Kolter) was inspired by the world wide pilgrimage of the faithful to World Youth Day in Brazil in 2013. Under the collective “Franciscana Costa” musicians from the United States, Argentina and Brazil, Generously collaborated to share their time and talent.

It was produced for the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, Roman Catholic women serving in Catholic health care, education and parish services in the United States.

The World Needs You. GOD Calls You. We Invite You.


All the participating musicians:

Gina Chavez (Vocals), Marco Esch (Vocals), Márcio Falchet (Electric Guitars Intro and Choruses, Rock/Metal Electric Guitars, and Electric Guitars Solos), Paul Finley (Acoustic Lead Guitar, Location Recording), José João (Radio Retransmission Rap), Mike Hartwig (vandalized electric Telecaster chording), Mark Kolter (Writer, Producer, Creative Counsel, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Dulcimer, and Shaker), 7Estrelo (Electric keyboards), Julio Pabon (Percussion), John Tanner (Bass, and Engineer Basic Tracks).


Arrangements: Each musician added arrangements to the song.


Mixed by Vinny Millevolt.

Mastered by Billy Cicerelli.


Cover Design and Concept, and Art/Drawing by Luis Roberto T. Costa:


“Open the Door” has three versions:


1) “Discernimeinto Mix” 

2) “Alegria Mix”

3) “Rock Mix” (with: Márcio Falchet)




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“Open the Door” © 2013 Mark Kolter Counsel Music (USA).

Album Released: October 2015.


All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.


ISRC Codes:

1) ISRC: QM-37R-15-00001

2) ISRC: QM-37R-15-00002

3) ISRC: QM-37R-15-00003



Deus abençoe

God Bless